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Accessory Products

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Product Kit Clone Host IsoType Vol Cat Cart
10X Citrate buffer pH 6.0         500ml K 035
10X Citrate buffer pH 7.0         500ml K 036
10X Citrate buffer pH 8.0         500ml K 037
10X EDTA buffer pH 8.0         500ml K 038
20X DAB Enhancer         10ml K 012
2nd Antibody Diluent (10X)         100ml K 022
AEC Substrate Kit         3conc. K 003
Alk. Phos. Diluent         1L K 028
Alk. Phos. Enhancer         250ml K 011
Antigen Unmasker         20tablets DSI 5030
Background Blocker (1X)         100ml K 023
BCIP/INT Solution         15ml K 008
BCIP/NBT Solution         15ml K 006
CC/Mount         30ml K 002
DAB Substrate Kit         20tablets K 001
Elite PAP Pen         1 K 039
Fast Red Tablets         20tablets DMR 0440T
Fast Red Tablets Kit         10tablets K 031
Fluoromount         25ml K 024
Immuno Wash Buffer, 10X         1L K 005
Liquid DAB         10Conc. Chrom (200 Substrate) K 007
PBS Tablets         100tablets DMR E404-01
Peroxidase Block         50ml K 033
Peroxidase Diluent I (10X)         100ml K 019
Peroxidase Diluent II (10X)         100ml K 020
Primary Antibody Diluent         250ml K 004
Proteinase K         2ml K 030
Solution Pepsin         50ml K 009
Tissue Bond         7ml K 013

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